About Petpiggies

Petpiggies is a trusted breeder of micro pigs based in Ridgmont, Bedfordshire, close to Woburn Abbey and Safari Park,  5 minutes from M1 Junction 13 and Centre Parcs ‘Woburn Forest’ resort.

As well as breeding micro pigs for loving homes, Petpiggies provide micro pigs for promotional events, parties, digital media, photo shoots, TV and film.

We are extremely passionate about what we do and care very much for our little piggies. Petpiggies breed happy healthy micro pigs with great temperaments making them ideal pets around children.


Our micro pigs attend many country shows, parties and promotional events where we are asked ‘why the heck would someone want a pig as a pet’?

It’s a fair question and one that could just as easily be directed at owners of the 15 million cats and dogs in the UK.

A pet pig is obviously not for everyone but you might be surprised to learn that pigs actually have a lot going for them, for example, micro pigs are smarter, clean and less smelly than cats and dogs!

Being naturally inquisitive pigs just can’t help themselves when it comes to having a ‘root’ around and this instinctive behaviour clearly sets them apart from cats and dogs.  Keeping a pet pig indoors is generally a recipe for disaster just as leaving a pig to roam freely in your garden will produce predictable results.

Micro pigs need a secure outdoor enclosure with adequate housing and just as the majority of people would have no desire to live in a filthy environment  surrounded by their own poo, pigs have no desire for the same. Practical measures,  including base materials like bark or wood chips, will ensure your pigs home doesn’t end up looking like a ‘pig sty’.

That’s about the extent of difference in keeping pigs as pets opposed to our more commonly owned furry friends.

On the plus side micro pigs are remarkable sentient creatures, aware of themselves and others around them, they are easily trained and have the capacity to reason and to experience emotions just like you and I.

Giving consideration to the above, there are many good reasons for considering micro pigs as pets and these help explain the huge increase in pet pig ownership.

Micro pigs are loving, companionable, compassionate, highly intelligent, extremely clean, non-aggressive, very social, inquisitive and curious.

What more would you want from a pet?

Watch our ‘Guide to Micro, Mini & Tea Cup’ video series to learn all you need to know about pet pigs.


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To reserve your piglet, arrange a visit or for further information, email info@petpiggies.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1525 288532