About Petpiggies

People have enjoyed keeping pigs as pets for many years and there is no doubt the reward and pleasure gained from owning these beautiful creatures will ensure this trend continues.

You may have watched our micro pigs on television, listened to our radio interviews, read about Petpiggies in the national press or best of all, received a recommendation but however you came to be here we welcome you to our micro pig site where we hope to help you in your journey in deciding if a micro pig is the right pet for you.

Petpiggies is a trusted breeder of micro pigs based in Ridgmont, Bedfordshire, close to Woburn Abbey and Safari Park and just 5 minutes from Center Parcs ‘Woburn Forest’. As well as providing pet pigs to loving homes Petpiggies provide micro pigs for Promotional Events, Digital Media, Photo Shoots, TV, Film, Private and Corporate Parties.

We are extremely passionate about what we do and care very much for our little piggies. Petpiggies breed healthy happy little micro pigs with great temperaments and their welfare will always remain our top priority.

Micro pigs really do make great pets but, as with any pet ownership, it’s essential to research and learn about the animals needs and ongoing welfare requirements before entering into a commitment.

Micro, Mini, Tea Cup and Pint Sized are all names for the same thing, miniature pigs, however one breeders micro size could be very different from another. If your aim is simply to find the smallest micro, mini or tea cup pigs available then you must start by requesting pictures and videos of fully grown adult pigs prior to planning your visit to a reputable breeder.



To reserve your piglet, arrange a visit or for further information, email info@petpiggies.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1525 288532