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Petpiggies has years of experience breeding happy, healthy, pet micro pigs with great temperaments.

We are proud to have earned a reputation for honesty and openness and for maintaining the highest levels of welfare for our little pigs with the support of specialist veterinarians and nutritionists.

Micro pigs can make the most wonderful pets for those with adequate space & resources to care for an animal that generally lives beyond 10 years of age.

Sadly many micro pigs have been abandoned following impulse purchases and a lack of knowledge regarding adult sizes therefore it is important potential owners are fully informed prior to making a decision in favour of ownership.

The 3 part educational video series below provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about micro pigs including reliable expectations of adult sizes. 

We recommend viewing the videos as a first step in finding out if pet pigs are right for you.

Potential owners who wish to learn more are encouraged to visit Petpiggies, meet micro pigs of all ages, and learn about their needs for a happy life.

Petpiggies is not open to the public, to arrange your visit please contact us on 01525 288532, or email info@petpiggies.co.uk

We are based in Ridgmont, Beds MK43 0TX, 5 minutes from M1 Junction 13 and close to Woburn Abbey and Safari park.

A CPH (Council Parish Holding) number is required by law to buy or keep pigs – 

CPH registration is is free of charge and your application is made to the RPA (Rural Payments Agency) on 03000 200 301.

To get to the right department you’ll need to select option1, then option 4, then option 1. It’s called progress!



What are Micro, Mini & Tea Cup pigs?

Where do they come from?

Why so much confusion about adult sizes?



Definition of Micro, Mini & Tea Cup pigs

Very big pigs

Worlds smallest domesticated breed of pig

Micro pigs at Petpiggies



Pigs as pets

Reasons to own a micro pig

Ownership – Do’s & Don’ts

Myths about Micro, Mini & Tea Cup pigs

Negative press





To reserve your piglet, arrange a visit or for further information, email info@petpiggies.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1525 288532