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Can I walk my micro pig?

Can I take my micro pig for a walk?

Petpiggies are often asked ‘ Can I take my micro pig for a walk?’

The simply answer is yes but if you live in the UK you must apply to your local Animal Health office for a pig walking license unless you are walking on your own land.

Here’s some further information regarding pig walking we hope you’ll find useful:

Q. Do pigs need to go out for walks?

A. No, a healthy balanced diet designed to avoid obesity is far more important for your pigs wellbeing.

Q. Do you recommend taking pigs out for walks?

A. No. Walking your piggy can be a very enjoyable experience for owners and for for their pig but we rarely advertise this to potential owners due to the potential risk of dog attacks. Pigs are social, docile and non aggressive by nature, unfortunately this is not the case with some dogs and a pig on a leash  exposed to an aggressive dog cannot defend itself.

Please think very seriously about the risks before taking your pig out walking.

If the above hasn’t put you off and you still want to walk your pig, here a few tips to help get you started based on our personal experience.

  1. Be patient – if you or your piggy are not enjoying learning, stop!
  2. Keep initial lessons short, no more than half an hour and be sure to reward your piggy with treats and a cuddle at the end of each lesson.
  3. For the first lessons, try walking your pig on a pavement / sidewalk. We have always made much faster progress this way as the piggies feel more comfortable walking within a defined space / path.
  4. Never hold the leash taught, pigs do not like feeling restrained and will panic. Pigs in the wild will be restrained by predators before being  eaten so please bear this in mind. Walking at your pigs pace,  not your own, whilst keeping the leash slack will  help keep  your piggy  relaxed and happy to continue learning.
  5. Speak to you piggy all the time offering encouragement and praise, this is a new experience and can be very daunting for a little one.
  6.  Be prepared, and patient. If  your piggy stops suddenly due to hearing a new sound just wait until he or she feels confident to continue.  Pay particularly attention to passing vehicles on early walks as these new sounds will cause your piggy to panic.

You can watch a short video of a piglets very first walking lesson here:  http://youtu.be/4uqHV933Zwo

The video was taken during the first lesson and you can see all went well following the piglets initial, and expected, apprehension.

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