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How big do micro pigs get?

micro-mini-tea-cup-pig-sizes-petpiggieshow-big-are-micro-mini-pigs-petpiggiessize-of-micro-pigs-petpiggieshow-big-do-micro-pigs-get-petpiggiesmicro-mini-pig-size-comparison-chartThis blog is designed to help increase awareness of eventual adult sizes of micro, mini & tea cup pigs and answer our most frequently asked question

How big are fully grown micro pigs?

Firstly we must accept that Science has yet to find a way of predicting the EXACT eventual adult size of human offspring so it should go without saying that micro pig breeders, like pedigree dog or other animal breeders, could never guarantee the EXACT height a piglet will grow to.

Putting exceptions like giants and dwarfism aside, a reputable micro pig breeder can explain, and indeed should show you, exactly what to expect regarding the future adult size of your piggy.

Micro, mini or tea cup are all names for the same thing, miniature pigs.

These miniatures should always be much smaller than the Worlds Smallest Domesticated breeds of pigs like the Kunekune or Pot Bellied pig hence the different names given to them.

Micro pigs are 'Micro' when compared to normal pigs however the majority of people just don't realise how big pigs can get due to most pigs becoming Pork at such an early age. The large Pink pigs you see on most farms are pretty much piglets themselves as slaughter weight of about 200 lbs is reached at around 16 weeks of age!

The largest pig recorded was called 'Big Bill' who weighed in at 2552 lbs. He was 5ft tall and 9 feet long!

The Typical Farm pig

A typical farm pig can weigh well in excess of 700 lbs and be over 7ft in length.

700lb farm pig



The Kunekune pig

The Kunekune is the Worlds Smallest 'Breed' of pig and a favourite among pet pig owners. Kunekune pigs can grow to 30'' in height and weigh over 220lbs. The British Kunekune Pig Society advises keeping a minimum of 2 pigs in at least half an acre of land.

Picture: Kunekune pig at Dudley ZooKune Kune pigs at Dudley Zoo


More Kunekune pictures

kune kune1 kune kune2 kune kune3 kune kune4


Micro pigs at Petpiggies

Micro pigs are a mixed breed of miniature pig and on average will grow to 15''-20'' in height. Apart from their small size, Micro pigs have great personality and temperament.

Pictures: Fully grown micro pigs at Petpiggies

fully grown micro pig adult micro pig fully grown micro pig at petpiggies


Micro pigs offspring will vary in adult size just as you would expect of any animal or indeed human and it's true some Micro pig breeders will have smaller breeding stock than others.

It is extremely important that potential micro pig owners request pictures or videos of fully grown breeding stock and research ongoing care and welfare requirements of these wonderful pets prior to visiting a specialist breeder.

Videos of Fully Grown Micro pigs can be seen at Petpiggies YouTube channel, Click here


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