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Micro and Tea Cup pigs are underfed to keep them small. Rubbish!

The question below, posted on 26 August 2014, to Petpiggies Facebook page, is not uncommon.

Our answer, in response, was also posted to Facebook and can be read below.

''I have to ask a question. I hear a lot of people say that teacup or micro pigs are under fed that's why they are so small. Is that true?''


Stories of breeders underfeeding pigs in order to keep them small are total rubbish and just one of  the many micro or pet pig myths perpetuated by those working in an industry that is raising over 1 BILLION pigs for slaughter as I write.

Given the horrific abuse and unnecessary suffering endured by commercially farmed pigs it's no surprise that certain people would rather you never learned how intelligent, compassionate and social pigs really are.

Remember that breeders sell piglets not adult pigs. Are we to believe that new owners are responsible for deliberately underfeeding their new pets in the hope they won't grow? I don't think so. 

Any vet or animal nutritionist will happily confirm the most common health issues relating to pet pigs result from obesity, too much feed not too little!

Finally, we are all too often exposed to gut wrenching images of some of the 850 million plus men, women and children who are starving and undernourished in our caring world. What is immediately obvious is that they all look frail and ill due to lack of food. What you won't see is millions of people inhibited from reaching an average adult height through severe malnutrition.

I'll leave it to you to decide whats true and what's false