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NEWS: Micro-pig trend blamed for slaughter of more than 100 pigs and piglets.

micro-pigs-are-great-pets-petpiggiesBefore writing about the inaccuracies in the Daily Mail report below we would like to make our feelings on this matter clear.

The slaughter of hundreds of innocent, healthy and harmless pet pigs amounts to an atrocity that should be totally unacceptable to an educated and caring society.

The blame and responsibility for this despicable act lies solely with those who authorised and participated in this massacre. You can let Swansea Council have your thoughts on the subject by emailing contact@swansea.gov.uk

Below are the headlines as reported by the Daily Mail


Here's the link to the full story: 


Below are our comments and corrections to the inaccurate and misleading headlines

culling of pigs



For reasons known only to the media many of the reports on this story include statements made on behalf of The British Kunekune Pig Society.


This is what The British Kunekune Pig Society website says about Kunekune pigs 

'It is the smallest domesticated breed of pig in the world, a firm favourite among pet pig owners, due to its placid friendly nature and love of human company' 

This is what Karen McKay of The British Kunekune Society is reported as saying in response to news of the cull

Karen McKay from the British Kunekune Pig Society blamed the situation on breeders cashing in on the rise of the popularity of the micro-pig as an urban pet.

She said: 'Owners buying these pigs on a whim were left taking on far more than they realised.

'They bought them as cute piglets not realising or being told by breeders how big they would become. 'They can be expensive to keep and they require up to half an acre of fenced in land or more to roam around in.

'Now that the fad for them has faded, rescue centres are loathe to take on even more of them.

'And as sad as it is to hear that these pigs and piglets have been shot, it would have been worse for them to have been kept without welfare in mind.

'There is also a risk of diseases such as foot and mouth or swine flu spreading if you have wild and uncontrolled pigs going through rubbish bins.'

Perhaps understandably we do not agree with the Kunekune Society stance on this matter.

If the Kunekune Society are aware of their members selling KuneKune pigs as 'Micro' to an unsuspecting, possibly naive, public, in order to cash in on the rising popularity of 'micro' pigs what action have they taken to address this.

Whilst it is easy to 'pass the buck' blaming their breeders, aware of these issues the Kunekune Society was in a position to advise the public against purchasing this type of pig as a pet. Perhaps a better informed public would have resulted in the loss of fewer lives!!!

And finally...to claim the increase in popularity of 'micro' pigs is to blame for the death of hundreds of Kunekune pigs is just not reasonable. What would people say if hundreds of Labradors were slaughtered following an increase in popularity of Pugs? It just doesn't make sense.