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Petpiggies supports #TurnYourNoseUp to factory farming campaign

farmsnotfactories.org need your help to bring an end to the unnecessary cruelty & suffering inflicted upon millions of pigs around the world.

Please help by sharing this blog with the hashtag #TurnYourNoseUp

The ‘Turn Your Nose Up’ campaign has been created in light of new information that pig factories threaten our health. These factories are cramming pigs into such horrendous conditions that they need to be routinely dosed with antibiotics just to keep them alive, leading to ‘superbugs’ - human diseases that are difficult to treat because they have become resistant to antibiotics.

To help raise awareness of the campaign and encourage people to only buy high welfare pork, the video below asks the public to show their support by posting a selfie turning their nose up on social media with the hashtag #TurnYourNoseUp


Below are some of the images used on Petpiggies social media in support of the #TurnYourNoseUp campaign

turn-your-nose-up farms-not-factories- #TurnYourNoseUp #TurnYourNoseUp