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Micro pigs - Born on the 4th of July

Petpiggies are proud to present pictures of their latest micro pig piglets, born on the 4th of July.

Micro pig making a nest and having babies

Micro pigs will collect straw and other available materials to build a nest shortly before giving birth. Once the nest is built the expectant mother will usually bury herself until labour begins.

This is an instinctive and natural behaviour.

Watch the mother building her nest before having her piglets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxD3ApFhXUY

Petpiggies micro pigs in the Wimbledon Guardian

Petpiggies micro pig pictures have been featured in The Wimbledon Guardian - see link below


Euro 2012 Finals - Spain vs Italy micro pig images

spain v italy euro 2012More cute micro pig images for the Euro 2012 football final - Spain v Italy

Wiglet the micro piglet being bottle fed

Watch Petpiggies micro piglet Wiglet being bottle fed on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8N0lBZrR8c Only in very rare cases do we remove a piglet from its Mother and siblings. Wiglet wasn't putting on weight which left us with no choice but to raise him with a bottle indoors. Wiglet is now doing fine. 

Euro 2012 ...Come on England, we're rooting for you!

Petpiggies can't wait for tonights England Euro 2012 match...Come on England!

Come on England...we're keeping our trotters crossed for you

Micro pigs at petpiggies are keeping their trotters crossed for a great EURO 2012

micro pig in england football kit

Congratulations and thanks to the Worlds most remarkable women - The Queen

Queen Elizabeth, you are truly amazing and we thank you for all that you have given this great country

God Save Our Queen

Petpiggies micro pigs are looking forward to a right royal weekend x

Petpiggies micro pigs are looking forward to a royal weekend

micro pig on union jack cushion

Art, cocktails, canapes & micro pigs?

Petpiggies micro piglets enjoyed a fabulous night out in London at our friend Fallon Khans Imitate Modern art gallery for the opening of Maximilian Wiedemanns latest solo exhibition 'Greedy As a pig'.

Read all about the event it at on Fallons blog http://www.bibleforfashion.com/?p=5443

If you're interested in hiring micro pigs for promotional events please contact Petpiggies on 01525 288532

Micro pig pictures by Natasha Balletta

Petpiggies micro pigs had to look their best today when local pet photographer Natasha Balletta visited for a photo shoot.

Please take a look at Natasha Ballettas website - http://www.natashaballettaphotography.com/

We hope you like the pictures.

Petpiggies micro piglets are all fit and well

Petpiggies latest micro pig arrivals are all fit and well and have been enjoying the sun today.

For further information email info@petpiggies.co.uk or call us on 01525 288532


Virgin ballon drops in at petpiggies

Micro pig breeder petpiggies received some unexpected guests earlier today when a Virgin hot air balloon decided to drop in!!

virgin ballon lands at petpiggies

This Sunday is a perfect time to say '' I love you Mum''

Petpiggies Micro pig mummy 'Pinky' reminding us all how special Mums are x 
This Sunday is the perfect time to say ''I love you Mum''

Mothers Day

Micro pigs stolen!

Micro pig owner Amanda Osborne-Taylor horrified after having her micro pigs stolen.


Micro pigs soon become part of your family and to lose any pet is devasting.

Make sure your piggies are safe tonight!