Frequently asked questions

What will I need to buy and keep a micro pig?

By far the most important requirement for owning a micro pig is a responsible owner who remains fully committed to caring for their pet and its ongoing welfare.

You will also need an adequate secure outdoor enclosure of at least 36 square meters and to provide draft free waterproof housing i.e a small pig ark or large dog kennel.

There is also a legal requirement for buying and keeping micro pigs, this is called a CPH (Council Parish Holding) number.

CPH registration is is free of charge and your application is made to the RPA (Rural Payments Agency) on 03000 200 301.

To get to the right department you’ll need to select option1, then option 4, then option 1. It’s called progress!

Documents can take a couple of weeks to arrive however you can usually obtain your number over the phone within 24 hours of applying for your number.

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What are micro, mini and tea cup pigs?

Watch our 3 part video series to find in depth answers to the most frequently asked questions about Tea Cup, Micro & Mini Pigs


What are Micro, Mini & Tea Cup pigs?

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So how big is a fully-grown micro pig?

Depending on the breeder miniature pet pigs sold as ‘micro’ pigs can still vary greatly in size when fully grown so it is essential to request

pictures & videos of adult micro pigs prior to arranging your visit to a specialist breeder.

Petpiggies fully grown micro pigs average 18” in height and we are not aware of smaller micro pigs being available in the UK, Europe or USA.


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How much do micro pigs cost?

Prices will vary with each litter depending on colours, sex and availability however £400 – £550 is a good guide.

Please contact us on 01525 288532 or email for current availability and prices.

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Can I keep my micro pig as a house pig?

We do not consider a permanent indoor environment as being suitable for micro pigs. By all means enjoy your micro pig in the house when you are present but at all other times your piggy must have a suitable secure outdoor enclosure and sleeping area to enjoy life to the full.

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Do micro pigs get on with children and other animals?

Yes. Micro pigs are very sociable and enjoy the company of people and other animals and we have only ever received positive feedback from families who already own dogs and cats.

Being a herd animal micro pigs should not be kept alone as they may suffer from depression. A single pet pig is fine when owners are on hand to spend regular time with their pet, however we strongly recommend keeping at least two micro pigs if circumstances do not allow this.

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Are micro pigs expensive to keep?

No. An adult micro pigs main diet of specialist pig nuts will cost around £3 per week. Additional weekly costs may include treats i.e. apples, pears, carrots, monkey nuts and barley straw for bedding.

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Are micro pigs clean?

Micro pigs are very clean. Provided they have access to outside space they will always choose to toilet outside and will never mess in or near their sleeping area.

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Caring for a Micro pig

During your visit we will advise on dietary requirements for your micro pig

  • Micro pigs must have plenty of fresh clean water at all times.
  • Access to the outside should be available at all times.
  • Micro pigs should be wormed every 6 months.
  • Check your garden for plants that may be toxic to micro pigs, these include Yew trees & hedges.
  • Keep your micro pig away from swimming pools or any deep water.
  • Register with a local vet.
  • Make sure you have someone who will care for your micro pig if you go away.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.



Firstly you’ll require a life long commitment to caring for your micro pig

Next you must obtain a CPH (Council Parish Holding) number before buying or keeping a micro pig.

CPH registration is is free of charge and your application is made to the RPA (Rural Payments Agency) on 03000 200 301.

To get to the right department you’ll need to select option1, then option 4, then option 1. It’s called progress!

In preparation for your micro pig you should have a securely fenced outdoor enclosure of at least 36 square metres, the bigger the better, and draft free waterproof housing i.e. large dog kennel or small pig ark.

You will also need feed and water bowls and a supply of Barley straw.