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Micro pigs for sale


Petpiggies has stunning micro pig piglets for sale to good homes now! Petpiggies has years of experience breeding happy, healthy, pet micro pigs with great temperaments. We are proud to have earned a reputation for honesty and openness and for maintaining the highest levels of welfare for our little pigs with the¬†support of specialist veterinarians… Read more »

Buying a Miniature Pig – Learn more at Petpiggies

Mini or Micro Pigs can make great pets. Petpiggies have stunning spotty coloured piglets available to good homes throughout the year. We encourage all potential owners to visit and meet micro pigs of all ages before committing to ownership and the responsibility for life long love and care. Please visit for further information. Music:… Read more »

Buying a Miniature or Micro Pig

Micro pigs can make great pets and here are a few of the reasons why.¬† Pet pig ownership is not for everyone and you should consider the animals ongoing welfare needs before assuming responsibility for life long love and care of your pet. The internet is a wonderful place for research however the only way… Read more »